The Benefits of Salt Water Chlorinators

Benefits of Owning a Salt Water Pool Chlorination System

A salt water pool with a chlorine generator or chlorinator uses electrolysis technology which converts your salt in the water into chlorine. This continual production of chlorine ensures that pathogens and bacteria such as algae are killed, which would have otherwise made your pool unsafe for swimming. Simply put, salt water chlorinators keep your pool sanitary, clear, and safe. This is a necessary part of owning a pool as it not only provides you with a healthy swimming experience, but protects the health of your swimming pool. 

Below are just a few benefits to owning a salt water chlorinator which include: cost effectiveness, versatility, and reduced maintenance. 

Cost Effective Water Treatment

A salt water chlorinator saves money, reduces chemical consumption, and is safer. You can expect less chemical expenses as the price of salt is lower than that of regular chlorine.

Traditional chlorine systems use a lot of chemicals to maintain the pool’s chemical balance. It is for this reason that salt water pools are preferred by many swimming pool owners because they are easier and less expensive to maintain. They don’t require any additional equipment to maintain the water quality and pH levels. These pools also have a lower risk of algae.

Simply test your pool water for hardness, pH, total chlorine, and alkalinity


Chlorinators offer versatility in installation application. They can be installed to any type of swimming pool, including a small or large swimming pool, hot tubs and spas, and resort style commercial swimming pools. When considering the best chlorinator for your pool you need to know t he volume of water and bather load. Check this against your chlorinator manufacturers specifications and choose the chlorinator that generates the right amount of chlorine for your pool.  

Reduced Pool Maintenance

Maintaining a salt water pool is not as difficult as maintaining the old liquid chlorine pools. The salt will never run out, so you will never need to buy more or spend money on additional equipment to keep the water clean. If your pool is too salty, just dilute it with fresh water, and you’re good to go. Likewise, if your salt levels are low, simply add more salt in line with the salt water chlorinator specifications.

No need to test your water every day! Enjoy the benefits of more time in your day!

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The Purapool Range of Chlorinators

Being specialists as a salt water chlorinator manufacturer in Australia, Purapool offers a first-class system. It is first class in the sense that not only is it manufactured locally in Australia, but the complete range has also been tried and tested to outlast some of the harshest Australian conditions whilst keeping up with increase bather loads. What’s more is that that complete Purapool range of salt chlorinators come backed by an industry leading warranty, providing pool owners with peace of mind! The systems outlast the longevity against all major competitors whose chlorinators are mostly manufactured overseas using substandard materials.

For more information get in touch with Purapool today!

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