The Best Chlorinator Australia Has On Offer

Are you after a premium chlorinator?

Are you building a new swimming pool? Perhaps you are looking to change over your existing chlorinator. It’s important you complete your research and choose the best chlorinator Australia has on offer. Your research will ensure value for money and fit for purpose are both achieved. Don’t just take anyone’s word, be sure to compare the specifications, warranty, and functionality. Here we will explain why the Purachlor range of residential chlorinators are the best in Australia.  

PURACHLOR® GOLD residential chlorinator for large swimming pools

Purachlor BLU Chlorinator

Backyards are becoming smaller and smaller, and so too are the swimming pools being built due to space limitations. It is with this in mind that Purapool set out to design, test, and manufacture a chlorinator that offers reliability and durability for smaller pools. The Purachlor BLU 15 will not only chlorinate a smaller swimming pool up to 65,000 litres, but the Purachlor BLU 25 and Purachlor BLU 30 will output more chlorine per hour to sanitise larger pools at up to 100,000 litres 130,000 litres.

By offering a smaller chlorinator producing 15 grams of chlorine per hours, the Purachlor BLU 15 provides a cost-effective upfront solution. This cost effectiveness does not compromise on the quality, coming packed with world-class features.

Outstanding Features

  • Auto De-scale
  • High Calcium Mode
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Exclusive PDCS
  • Cover/Indoor Mode
  • Surge Protection

The most popular Purachlor BLU 25 & 30 produce more chlorine per hour providing better coverage for those larger swimming pools with a higher bathing load.

Purachlor GOLD Chlorinator

Purapool didn’t just stop at the Purachlor BLU. The introduction of the Purachlor GOLD chlorinator has enabled larger swimming pool with up to 160,000 litres enjoy the Purapool difference. The overall design of every element including the PDCS and external covering has been tried and tested to last longer in the harsher Australian conditions than that of other chlorinators on the market.

What’s more, is the fact that it comes packed with all of the same features and benefits as the Purachlor BLU, and maintains an industry leading manufacturer’s warranty. With ease of use and all year-round reliability, once you have a Purachlor GOLD you won’t look back!

Girl floating in crystal clear pool water

Is Purapool the best Chlorinator in Australia?

Simply put, yes! In fact, the Purachlor range of chlorinators are so good that many pool builders and pool shops choose to only stock the Purapool range and no other! Purapool offer not only the best customer service to a world-wide distribution network, but a chlorinator that comes unmatched in terms of usability and durability. Keep your pool looking healthy and clean all year round with the best self cleaning chlorinator Australia has on offer!

For more information on our range of salt water chlorinators, get in touch with our team. We’d love to hear from you.

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