Are you after the best mineral pool experience? A healthier alternative to the standard chlorinator? Look no further! We have taken the guess work out and included some of the most common frequently asked questions about the Purapool range of Oxygen Minerale systems. 

The Oxygen Minerale System uses low levels of Himalayan mineral salts and a patented electrolysis process to generate ‘active oxygen’, a highly efficient and non-toxic sanitizing agent. This effectively eradicates all potentially harmful bacteria and organisms.

OXYGEN MINERALE systems are configured to run at very low mineral levels using exclusively PURASALTS Minerale, a spa-quality Himalayan crystal salt. As a result, our systems create ‘spa pool’ water that’s so soft, your skin and hair feels cleansed without the need to shower.

OXYGEN MINERALE Fusion Anodox technology utilises a combination of mixed transition metals known as mixed metal oxide (MMO) electrodes to create Purapool’s own unique soft cell membrane. This entails fusing our patented metal blend onto a Titanium plate.  Our custom electronics, control software and power supplies are finely tuned to Mineral Salts. Oxygen O2, Ozone O3 and traces of Chlorine are produced in the process.

When making Oxygen O2 and Ozone O3 electronically with our soft cell membrane it is referred to as ACTIVE OXYGEN or the “TRIATOMIC PROCESS”. This very powerful sanitation process of combining Oxygen and small amounts of Ozone is just like the cycle of water in nature.

Your pool water as nature intended:
No chlorine smell or taste, No salt taste Just pure, natural, clean, water
Enviro-friendly ‘green’ technology:
Low energy consumption – around 50% power-saving over comparable saltwater chlorinator units;
Systems operate at such low minerale levels that backwashed water can be used on gardens and lawns;
No added chlorine.

Health benefits:
Purasalts Minerale contain 84 beneficial trace elements, to give you softer smoother skin and hair;
No harmful chlorine additive;
Low minerale levels;
No sore eyes or irritated skin.

Easy to install and operate;
Manufactured in Australia from the highest quality materials and components;
Patented anodox fusion technology;
Tough, UV-resistant, moulded plastic casings;
Rust-free, aluminium backplates;
Easy-to-read, automated, Led display.

Balancing your Purapool Oxygen Minerale system could never be any easier. Outlined below are the main perameters in which you need to continue to monitor to maintain the health of your pool and operation of the Oxygen Minerale and Oxygen Minerale PLUS. 

  • Free Chlorine: 1.0 – 2.0 ppm (for residential pools)
  • pH: 7.2 – 7.8
  • Total Alkalinity (TA): 90 – 130 ppm
  • Cyanuric Acid / Stabilizer: N/A (Small doses 10-20ppm can be used if required)
  • Calicium Hardness: 200 – 400 ppm
  • Phosphates: 0
  • Salt Residual: 1800 – 3800 ppm
Please refer to the Oxygen Minerale Product Manual for further information. 

The Purapool Oxygen Minerale will operate best when the salt range is between 1800 – 3800 ppm.

Simply add 2kg of PURASALTS for every 1,000 litres of water to raise minerale levels by 100ppm.

Please refer to the Oxygen Minerale Product Manual for further information. 

Following the below steps will ensure you correcty add PURASALTS to your swimming pool.

  1. Power on the pump to circulate the pool water.
  2. Slowly pour in the salt around the outer perimeter of the pool for quick and even distribution.
  3. Brush the pool bottom to distribute the salt evenly and allow water to circulate for 36 hours to dissolve completely. After a further 24 hours, confirm salt level reading.
  4. Power on the OXYGEN MINERALE and set output percentage to desired Output level.


DO NOT attempt to add PURASALTS via the skimmer box or surge tank as this can cause damage to the filtration system and the OXYGEN MINERALE.

DO NOT have any automatic suction type pool cleaners operating until the PURASALTS have completely dissolved. Allow the PURASALTS to dissolve for 3 hours before initial powering of the OXYGEN MINERALE.

Please refer to the Oxygen Minerale Product Manual for further information. 

We recommend using an algaecide especially during the summer months. The ratio is as follows. 150-300 mls per 4 weeks per 65-75,000 litres as a maintenance dose.

Incoming water supply varies in all parts of the world. In South East Asia a lot of the water is from ground wells and sometimes sourced from poor water quality locations. This also applies for rural areas and even in some town water instances worldwide.

The OXY BOOST button is a great way to boost your sanitation residuals if the Cl level drops below 1ppm. Simply press the OXY BOOST and your pool will boost for up to 18 hours, and revert back to your preset oxygen output.

Oxy boost button

Please refer to the Oxygen Minerale Product Manual for further information. 

The rule of thumb for daily runtime of the OXYGEN MINERALE system (with balanced water and running at >70% production) is; 1 hour of operation for every 3°C of ambient temperature. (i.e. 30°C would equal 10 hours of run time).


Please note that for high humidity conditions, irregular flow rates, undersized pumps/ filters or variable speed pumps please add 2 hours to runtimes. (e.g Asia, Africa, South America)

Please refer to the Oxygen Minerale Product Manual for further information. 

Yes, in fact we will have you know that the Oxygen Mineral does not require a chlorine additive. This means there is no need to add chlorine to your swimming pool or spa. 

The Oxygen Minerale is extremely energy-efficient, meaning significant savings on power bills.

Our Systems deliver an enhanced bathing experience due to low mineral salt levels in the pool water. 

Save on chemicals, salts, and electricity with the OXYGEN MINERALE! 

You can easily convert any exisiting salt water / chlorine pool to the Oxygen Minerale with ease. We have put together 3 easy steps to convering your pool from salt water to mineral.

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