Can A Mineral Pool Be Heated ?

Yes it Can !

Exploring the Compatibility of Oxygen Mineral Pools with Sunlover Pool Heating

Mineral pools, often known for their soothing and therapeutic benefits, have gained popularity among pool owners seeking a more natural and eco-friendly swimming experience. Purapool’s Oxygen Minerale for example provides and abundance of health benefits and reduces the need for harsh traditional pool chemicals. However, one common question that arises among those after a mineral pool is whether these pools can be heated effectively and whether the Oxygen Minerale is easily adaptable to new or existing swimming pools.

Are you looking to enjoy the best of both worlds with pool heating and a mineral system? We will explore the compatibility of Purapool’s Oxygen Minerale with the likes of one of the most popular pool heating solutions offered by Sunlover Pool Heating and their Oasis Heat Pumps.

pool heating and mineral pools

The Oxygen Minerale and It’s Heat Pump Compatibility

The Oxygen Minerale pool sanitation system can indeed be heated effectively using Sunlover Pool Heating systems. The compatibility of these two elements allows you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a mineral pool while maintaining the water at a comfortable temperature. To make the most of this combination, be sure to monitor your water chemistry, select the right heating solution, and consider professional installation and maintenance. With the right approach, you can create a truly enjoyable and relaxing swimming experience in your heated mineral pool.

Purapool’s Oxygen Mineral and Sunlover Pool Heating

Purapool’s Oxygen Minerale TE can be retrofitted to your Sunlover Oasis heat pump without the need to buy a separate pump or install a J-Box. Here at Purapool our industry leading Oxygen Minerale TE model simply uses a built-in external pump control.

When Purapool’s Oxygen Minerale turns off outside its cycle and the heat pump sensors the water is below the pre-set temperatire it will switch the pump on, but not the sanitation system. This process might happen early in the morning while you are getting some rest. This feature will ensure your pool doesn’t become over sanitised outside of its standard operating hours set by the automatic timer.

Insight into the Oxygen Minerale

Did you know that Purapool’s Oxygen Mineral is the only mineral system on the market that holds a world-wide patent? That’s right, and it’s locally manufactured on the Gold Coast in Australia to withstand the harsh heat and high bathing loads.

We recommend running the Oxygen Minerale using Purapool’s pink himalayan Purasalts®. They aren’t high in chloride which means they won’t over harden your water like other salts and minerals, therefore being less corrosive on your filters, heat pump, valves, and pool sanitation system.

Check out more on how Purapool’s Oxygen Minerale works.

sunlover heat pump and oxygen minerale pool systems

The Junction Box (J-Box)

Traditionally, if you were to install a heat pump to an existing swimming pool or new installation you would use what is called a Junction Box, also referred to as a ‘J-Box’. A J-Box provides the option for either the heater or the chlorinator to activate the water pump independently, enabling each device to operate without dependency on the other. 

However, there are options available on the market that will save you the upfront costs whilst maintaining the same reliability. Both the J-Box and alternative Purapool options are available from Sunlover Heating. 

For more on the compatibility of the Oxygen Minerale with your Sunlover pool heater, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you! Sunlover are Purapool dealers and you can also contact their team direct. 

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